About us

Who we are?

Barcelona Parasailing is a team formed by a group of water sports lovers named JetScoot. We offer all kind of extreme water sports activities like jet ski, flyboard, boat rental and many more experiences available. This year we decided to offer Parasailing, the activity that will improve our service and allow us to become one of the top watersports centers in Barcelona. You can find us in the Port Fòrum of Barcelona. We are waiting you!


A few years ago, we started this project with a small group of people and a unique target: share this passion. Aware the difficulties presented by the strong experimented competitors, we have worked hard and we have achieved a customer service qualified as unique. Actually, Barcelona Parasailing Official has one of the highest experience rates and lowest prices of the city. Water sports must be tried by everyone who wants to enjoy it!


The excellent rates of Barcelona Parasailing official are because the excellent work every worker of our staff. Instructors, sailors, receptionists, technicias... and more. We started this project with only 4 people and now we are a big team. There is something very clear: "If we want to keep improving, our family also has to grow"


We are located in JetScoot shop. It is in the Port Fòrum of Barcelona, a modern port located at the end of the well-known avenue called Av. Diagonal. In our shop, we offer your all kinds of services such as toilets, chaging rooms, drinks machine... We also have a chill area where you can relax before and after your activity. Right there you will find our incredible fleet of up to 15 jet ski and boats. You will be impressed!