What is Parasailing?

If you have arrived here is because you want to know more about what is Parasailing. For the large majority it is a new activity for discover. We give you more information!

Parasailing is an special and peculiar acuatic activity

The Parasailing or also known as Parascending or Parakiting is an acuatic activity which one or many people are subject to a parachute towed by a boat. The fast speed of this powerful boat causes the rising of the parachute making it fly above the water. The concept is cool really?

All the participants will enjoy a full of excitement experience. During the flight, they will enjoy privileged panoramic views. The feeling of freedom is incomparable when you see that you have the sea in four feets!


How Parasailing works?

To know the origin we have to go back to 1971, where the American Mark McCulloh invented a kind of platform located in the beach to did paragliding. Customers had to start from the sand doing a little run to give impulse and the ben towed by a boat located many meters away.
Really curious!

During the time, this mecanism evolved until Mark created the “winchboat”, an innovative motorboat with a winch that allow to launch and collect the parachute.
A winch is a mechanical device similar to a crank. It is composed of a cylinder attached to a cable that allows lifting large weights.

Currently, the system of the “winchboat” corresponds to the current Parasailing. Its sophisticated parachute launch and recovery system allows softy and secure landings. The Parasailing experience is 100% safe!

All that you have to know in Parasailing

Do Parasailing is fun, really fun… But it is important to know certain aspects before doing it especially for thoso who have never tried it before.

Here there are some safety tips that you should know:

The weather is one of the most important factors. Parasailing can not be done in case of rain or strong winds of more than 24 Km/h.

If you are afraid of heights or it produces you discomfort, we don’t recommend you to do Parasailing.

Regarding the minimum age to participate, there is not a established limit. It is recommended to be over 8 years old and a minimum of 1 meter height.

Listen carefully all instructions and safety rules indicated by the operators. Your safety is the most important aspect in this type of activity.

Where to do Parasailing in Barcelona?

A city with sun and beach like Barcelona is ideal to enjoy this activity. Thera are some watersports centers in Barcelona located in the beach. We recommend you JetScoot, located in Port Fòrum and with great rates. They have Parasailing offers and great prices compared with other centers.

Now you know more about Parasailing. It’s time to try it!